1st March 2015 announcement:

marching stars zine distro is closing

fb closing

Additional Information:

  • All orders from now until I run out of stock will include a copy of ‘marching stars zine distro: the zine’ (a 24 page 1/2 size zine looking back over the past 7 1/2 years of the distro) as well as lots of other extra free goodies (think tote bags, zines, pin badges, stickers, postcards, etc).
  • Don’t forget I sell some extra (non-zine) bits.
  • Some additional copies of old/out of stock zines have been added to the catalogue.
  • The number of remaining copies indicated on the site is accurate and automatically updated.

Why am I closing?

  • You’ll have to read ‘marching stars zine distro: the zine’ to find out! (Free with any order)
  • What I will say though is that it’s not due to any external factors. I was not forced to make this decision.