About and FAQs

marching stars zine distroWhat’s a zine? 

A zine is an independently created publication containing anything you want it to, including: personal experiences and stories (usually called perzines), cookery, music, travel stories, political ideologies, comics, photography, fiction, poetry, craft, alternative health ideas, amongst countless others. Zines can be put together by one person or a group of people and they are usually photocopied but can also be printed.

What’s a distro?

A distro is someone who distributes zines and other DIY projects. Distro is short for distribution, clever right?

Who are you?

Hello. I’m Lizzy. Pleased to meet you. I set up this little distro as I was sad about the number of distros I loved closing and going on long term hiatus. I decided I could do something, therefore I should do something. And I have.

Why did you call the distro “marching stars”?

It’s based on a lyric from my favourite band, Tegan and Sara: “But the stars kept marching” (from More For Me).

How quickly will my order come?

I go to the Post Office a couple of times a week.  The fate of the postal gods will effect how long it takes to get to you.

Aren’t the 0.01p zines meant to be free? 

They are, but Paypal insists I give everything a price. If you would rather not pay it, just list any free zines you want in the “Additional instructions for seller” as you go through paypal or send me an email.

So how long has this little place been going?

marching stars opened 7th July 2007 (07.07.07 – nice date, right?).

How do I know you aren’t just going to take my money and never send anything?

You don’t… but I’ve been wandering around the zine scene for a while now and haven’t been proven untrustworthy yet. If  you want social proof, check out the distro’s twitter and facebook.

I’ve found a problem/mistake… 

Oops! Please let me know: distro[at]marchingstars.co.uk